amatungulu, noun

amatangula, amatingoolaShow more Also amatangula, amatingoola, amatingula, amatum-gula, amatungula, amatunguli, armatingoola, itungulu, umatungulu, and with initial capital.
Zulu, Show more Zulu, earlier form of amathungulu (singular ithungulu) the fruits of umthungulu, the shrub Carissa macrocarpa. For an explanation of singular use of Zulu plural, see ama-.
The shrub Carissa macrocarpa of the Apocynaceae; its large, edible, scarlet fruit; matingola; Natal plum, see Natal sense b; wild plum sense (e) (see wild sense a); also called num-num. Also attributive.
1836 N. Isaacs Trav. (1936) I. 43The third, which the natives called armatingoola, grew on the thorn tree, which throws out a white blossom exceedingly pretty; its fruit resembles in shape the European plum; its skin is thin, and it contains a great number of seeds.
1856 Cape of G.H. Almanac & Annual Register 283The wild fruits, as the itungulu, the Cape gooseberry, and a species of fig, are much esteemed and make delicious preserves.
1876 H. Brooks Natal 168The native name of this plant is Amatungulu, and the botanical name Arduinia grandiflora.
1887 J.W. Matthews Incwadi Yami 40Tramping along the narrow Kafir path..we had to push aside fantastic wreaths of tangled convolvuli..and whilst avoiding the wild date trees on the one hand, had on the other to shun the prickly thorns of the crimson-fruited amatungulu.
1894 R. Marloth in Trans. of S. Afr. Phil. Soc. p.lxxxivCarissa grandiflora (amatungulu).
1917 R. Marloth Dict. of Common Names of Plants 6Amatungulu,..An evergreen shrub of the eastern districts, with forked spines, glossy leaves, white, sweet-scented flowers and large edible fruit (berries).
1917 R. Marloth Dict. of Common Names of Plants 61Natal plum, Amatungulu.
1953 B. Fuller Call Back Yesterday 110Sometimes, they would look for amatungulu plums, though these were not really popular on account of their thorns.
c1963 B.C. Tait Durban Story 83Clumps of wild date-palms and wild bananas, with here and there a wild fig tree, grew among the scrub and Amatungula, coarse grass and rushes.
1970 Heard & Faull Cookery in Sn Afr. 473Little girls collecting the amatungula berries to make our delectable jelly.
1973 O.H. Spohr tr. of F. Krauss’s Trav. Jrnl 59Carissa grandiflora..amatungulu..a bush with white sweet-smelling flowers and red gooseberry-like berries with a pleasant flavour.
1986 J. Conyngham Arrowing of Cane 23I scan the slope of cane, palms, amatungulu and wild bananas and, in the distance, the hump of bush.
1991 M. Hazell in Grocott’s Mail 22 Feb. 8Carissa macrocarpa — Amatungulu with its glossy green foliage and attractive white flowers.
The shrub Carissa macrocarpa of the Apocynaceae; its large, edible, scarlet fruit; matingola; Natal plum, see Natalb; wild plum sense (e) (see wilda); also called num-num. Also attributive.
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