albacore, noun

EnglishShow more Transferred use of English albacore a name for the tuna Thunnus alalunga of the Scombridae and related species; see half-cord.
The yellowtail (sense a), Seriola lalandi.
1890 A.G. Hewitt Cape Cookery 11The Best Fish for Boiling. Stokvisch, geelbek, cabeljauw, galjoen, albacore, mackerel, elft, steenbrasem, hamburger, seventy-four.
1930 C.L. Biden Sea-Angling Fishes 69The name of albacore is associated in other countries with a large species of oceanic fish not visiting South African waters, but as Seriola lalandii is commonly known throughout the Cape as the albacore, the changing of that popular local name is not desirable.
1947 K.H. Barnard Pict. Guide to S. Afr. Fishes 116Yellowtail; Albacore (Seriola lalandei)...In False Bay the record seems to be one of 55 lbs. weight, but larger ones are caught in the West Indies, where the fish is known as the Amber-jack...Albacore has become corrupted in the Cape fishermen’s parlance to Half-cord.
1957 S. Schoeman Strike! 108The most distinctive feature of the yellowtail is..its yellow tail. It is also known as an albacore.
1975 J.L.B. Smith in Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. XI. 563Yellowtail. Albacore,..Fish rarely seen on the west coast...It is taken in vast numbers by nets, and is one of the best angling fishes.
The yellowtail (sense a), Seriola lalandi.
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