Afrikanerdom, noun

Formerly also Africanderdom, Afrikanderdom.
EnglishShow more Afrikaner noun sense 2 a + English abstract suffix of state -dom.
1. The Afrikaner people; Afrikaners collectively, especially in a nationalistic or political sense; Afrikanerism sense 1. See also Afrikanderland, Boerdom, volk sense 3 b.
1893 Standard (U.K.) 21 Apr. 6The sympathy of Africanderdom.
1899 P.A. Molteno Sel. from Correspondence (1981) 122Conversations which I have had since leaving London strengthen my conviction that the ‘Dominion of Afrikanderdom’ bogey..i.e. the fact of a bellicose and armed South African the argument and justification which is relied upon for the war.
1900 Standard & Diggers’ News in M.M. Cleaver Young S. Afr. (1913) 89The great cause of Afrikanderdom, the unity of the race from Capetown to the Zambesi, the mighty principle for which we are now struggling.
1911 Blackburn & Caddell Secret Service 313It may be that the unwanted sight of uniforms and the presence of the symbolism of war excited young Afrikanerdom.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 23Africanderdom,..That section of the people of South Africa animated by the Africander spirit and ideals.
1930 L. Barnes Caliban in Afr. 118Afrikaner supremacy must be protected, even..‘at the cost of injustice to the native.’ That, in its naked crudity, is the final answer of Afrikanerdom to the native question.
1941 Bantu World 22 Feb. 4‘The members of the Ossewa Brandwag are, and shall always be, the storm troopers of Afrikanerdom,’ said Mr O. Pirow.
1948 Press Digest No.7, 48The movement had nothing to do with politics but..was nevertheless being of service in uniting Afrikanerdom at a critical moment.
1950 H. Gibbs Twilight in S. Afr. 179Having started by announcing itself in favour of a republic, the OB was stated by van Rensburg to be ‘the core and concentration of Afrikanerdom’.
1955 G. Saron in Saron & Hotz Jews in S. Afr. 382All the ills of ‘Afrikanderdom’ were attributed to ‘British-Jewish capitalism’.
1960 A.D. Lazarus in H. Spottiswoode S. Afr.: Rd Ahead 91These miseries have not been brought upon the Indian people by the present government or even on the insistence of Afrikanerdom generally.
1976 Sunday Times 1 Aug. 15The disappearance of Afrikanerdom as an exclusive White group as we know it today will be the prelude to the downfall, too, of the White English speakers as a separate group, although their language will be preserved as an official language.
1981 S. Uys in Rand Daily Mail 27 Feb. 9Afrikanerdom, of course, has never been the monolith that some people have liked to think it is: Afrikaners are a contentious people.
c1985 F.G. Butler in Eng. Academy Rev. Vol.3 167It is possible that there is a profound change taking place within Afrikanderdom itself.
1987 Weekly Mail 17 July 7Some adherents of apartheid regard the Dakar talks ‘as an act of betrayal, not only to the apartheid state but also to the community of Afrikanerdom’.
1990 D. Van Heerden in Sunday Times 10 June 8He called Mr Terre Blanche..‘the rock of Afrikanerdom who will lead us into the struggle’.
2. The ethos of the Afrikaner people, ‘Afrikaner-ness’; Afrikaner nationalism; Afrikanerism sense 2. See also Afrikanerhood, Afrikanerness, Afrikanership, Afrikanerskap at Afrikaner.
1915 J.K. O’Connor Afrikander Rebellion 87The Republic would welcome any person of any European nationality provided that he adopted the principles of Afrikanderdom.
1915 D. Fairbridge Torch Bearer 134Where is the sacred spirit of Afrikanderdom?
1926 S.G. Millin S. Africans 156There was a spirit of Afrikanerdom abroad.
1959 H.F. Verwoerd in Hansard 27 Jan. 55The United Party..members said the immigrants should come to plough National Afrikanerdom under.
1963 A. Delius Day Natal Took Off 4When all these excitements were over..and the inevitable onward grind of Afrikanerdom and Afrikaans had started up again, we began to wonder.
1976 V. Rosenberg Sunflower 153Herman Bosman’s reaffirmation of his Afrikanerdom was more the result of an overwhelming rediscovery after years spent in a nationality vacuum.
1982 E. Prov. Herald 13 July 3Afrikanerdom did not exclude South Africanism, rather it enriched it and steered it forward on an independent path.
1990 Bulletin (Centre for Science Dev.) Nov.Dec. 3The war has again been invoked, this time in the general ideological discourse of the far right who see themselves as the true custodians of Afrikanerdom.
The Afrikaner people; Afrikaners collectively, especially in a nationalistic or political sense; Afrikanerism1.
The ethos of the Afrikaner people, ‘Afrikaner-ness’; Afrikaner nationalism; Afrikanerism2.
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