aandblommetjie, noun

avond-bloemetjie, avond-blommetjeShow more Formerly also avond-bloemetjie, avond-blommetje, avond-bloomje, etc.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans aandblom, see aandblom + -ie.
1861 A Lady Life at Cape (1963) 10As we pause upon these heights..the scent of the avond bloemetjies is fragrant in the air.
1868 W.H. Harvey Genera of S. Afr. Plants 375Hesperantha,..Colonial name ‘Avond-bloomjes’.
1902 H.J. Duckitt in M. Kuttel Quadrilles & Konfyt (1954) 15The hills overlooking Groote Post are scented of an evening with lovely sprays of avond bloemetje, or evening flower.
1906 B. Stoneman Plants & their Ways 197Hesperantha, (‘Avond-Bloemetjes’)...Flowers white or yellow. The sepals frequently red outside. Delightfully scented at evening when their insect guests are abroad.
1915 R. Marloth Flora of S. Afr. IV. 145H. falcata (Avond bloemetje, generally pronounced ‘aandbloem’).
1917 R. Marloth Dict. of Common Names of Plants 3Aandblom, (Avond-blommetje). Several sweet-scented Iridaceae, especially species of Hesperantha...At the Knysna and further east the name — is applied to Gladiolus tristis, which is scentless in daytime, but exhales a strong perfume in the evening.
1927 Farming S. Afr. 171How often does one see..the beautiful ‘painted ladies’ or ‘aandblommetjies’ adding scent to the garden in the evening.
1974 Motorist Aug. 35No less imaginative were the names of some of the flowers — vetkousies, weeskindertjies, aandblommetjies and duikerwortel.
1982 A. Moriarty Outeniqua Tsitsikamma 62Hesperantha falcata, Aandblommetjie. Found in grassy clearings in the forests around George...Hesperantha lutea, Geel aandblommetjie..bears bright yellow flowers with tan colouring on the back of the outer tepals.
1917 R. Marloth Dict. of Common Names of Plants 70Gladiolus permeabilis,..Aandblommetjie.
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