Lekgoa, noun

Lekgoa, LekhoaShow more singular Lekgoa, Lekhoa, Machoa, Macooa, Magoa; plural Macooas, Makgoa, Makgowa, Makhoa, Makhowa, Makoa, Makoöas.
Also with small initial.
usually Makgoa.
seTswana, Northern Sotho, Ndebele, South African EnglishShow more Triple derivation: seTswana lekgóa (plural makgóa), Northern Sotho lekgówa (plural makgówa), and Ndebele (see quotation 1871). It is not always clear from which of these languages particular instances of the word in South African English are derived. For an explanation of plural forms, see le- and ma- prefix2
Especially among speakers of Sotho and seTswana: a white person. Cf. mlungu.
1824 S. Afr. Jrnl I. Jan.Feb. 78The matchless wisdom and superiority of the ‘Macooas,’ or civilized men.
1988 A. Amaphixiphixi in Frontline Apr.May 33Meanwhile the Basotho word for whites is also under assault. Basotho people used the word ‘makhowa’, which means bossy people who always find fault with everything you do.
a white person.

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