Hotnot, noun

Also with small initial.
South African Dutch, DutchShow more South African Dutch, contracted form of Dutch Hottentot, see Hottentot.
1. obsolete. Khoikhoi sense 1. Also attributive.
[1812 A. Plumptre tr. of H. Lichtenstein’s Trav. in Sn Afr. (1928) I. 118A Hottentot..expects to be called Hottentot (which he pronounces Hotnot) or boy.]
1946 P. Abrahams Mine Boy (1954) 65She was called Hotnot Annie and claimed to be pure Hottentot.
2. derogatory. An insulting term of address or reference to a coloured person. Also attributive.
1947 C.R. Prance Antic Mem. 76Oom Jurie and Neef Japie must dig a 6-foot hole and bury it properly, if there were no Hotnots available as grave-diggers.
1992 M. Tyala in Evening Post 27 Mar. 10They were not going to let any kaffirs, hotnots or koelies even think of coming near the suburb.
3. In full Hotnot fish: Hottentot noun sense 2. Also occasionally dimunitive form Hotnotjie /ˈhɔtnɔɪki/ [see -ie].
1951 L.G. Green Grow Lovely 84‘Hotnot!’ came the high-pitched call of the hawker. When the housewives came to their doors, they found not only hotnot fish but snoek..and penguin eggs.
1977 Darling 8 June 118Hotnotjies, a round, dark, most tasty fish resembling a small galjoen.
4. Special Combinations (usually with Afrikaans combining form -s-).
hotnotskooigoed /-ˈkʊɪxut/ [Afrikaans, kooigoed bedding, kooi bed + goed stuff], any of several species of Helichrysum, a laxly-branched aromatic shrub found in dry regions, used by the Khoikhoi and some modern campers as bedding and occasionally medicinally;
hotnotskool /-ˈkʊəl/ [Afrikaans, kool cabbage], veldkool (see veld sense 5);
hotnotskoolbredie /-ˌbrɪədi/ [Afrikaans, see bredie], a stew of meat and any of several species of edible wild plant;
hotnotstaal /-ˌtaːl/ [Afrikaans, taal language], a derogatory name for Afrikaans noun;
hotnotsvis, hotnotvis /-ˌfəs/ [Afrikaans, vis fish], Hottentot fish, see Hottentot noun sense 2;
hotnotsvy, hotnotsvyg /-ˌfeɪ(x)/ [Afrikaans, vy (earlier vyg) fig], Hottentot fig, Hottentot’s fig, see Hottentot sense 6 a.
1947 L.G. Green Tavern of Seas 199Hotnotskooigoed, a shrub campers use as bedding, is also a remedy for colds and asthma.
1971 R. Raven-Hart Cape G.H. 1652–1702 not ‘Sword-lily’, nor could leaves be so used.
Khoikhoi1. Also attributive.
An insulting term of address or reference to a coloured person. Also attributive.
Hottentotnoun2. Also occasionally dimunitive form Hotnotjieˈhɔtnɔɪkisee -ie.

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