Bondsman, noun

Also Bondman.
Afrikaans, EnglishShow more Afrikaans bond see Bond noun2 + linking phoneme -s- + English man.
A member of the Afrikander Bond; Bondite, see Bond noun2.
1884 Times (U.K.) 6 Mar. 7The views of many members returned to Parliament as Bondsmen.
1885 Lady Bellairs Tvl at War 412Half of the seventy-four members of the present House of the Cape Parliament are Bondsmen, having the power of framing the laws.
1898 Daily News 22 Mar. 5Two Progressives were elected, and one Bondman.
1900 Grocott’s Penny Mail 11 JulyFor a Bondsman, he is a decent fellow, of no real political ability, and simply foisted on two Governments.
1936 E.C. Llewellyn Influence of Low Dutch 71The adherents or members of the Afrikander bond were known as Bondsmen.
1971 L.H. Thompson in Oxford Hist. of S. Afr. II. 304The Bond never had a majority in the House of Assembly and, although individual Bondsmen sat in cabinets, no Bondsman was ever Prime Minister.
A member of the Afrikander Bond; Bondite, see Bond noun2.
So (rare) Bondswoman  noun.
1921 W.C. Scully Harrow 59These papers show why you are being sent; these papers show you to be a Bondswoman, a rebel and a traitor.
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