Babiana, noun

Also with small initial.
See quotation 1936.
bobbejaantjie. Also attributive.
1821 C.I. Latrobe Jrnl of Visit (Glossary) 397Bavians-blom, Is a name given to various species of Babianas.
1835 Penny Cyclopaedia III. 226Those strange Babianas which one so seldom sees in their beauty in our English gardens.
1887 J.F. Sewell Private Diary (1983) 76I took out some Babiana bulbs with my fork.
1906 B. Stoneman Plants & their Ways 197Babiana, Flowers usually regular, frequently violet, sometimes milk-white or sulphur-yellow.
1936 E.C. Llewellyn Influence of Low Dutch 166Babiana (1835), a genus of bulbotuberous Iridaceae with handsome purple, yellow, or scarlet flowers; the modern Latin name is an adaptation of the Afrik. babianer, i.e. baboon plants, so named because their tubers are eaten by baboons.
1970 M.R. Levyns in Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. I. 628Babiana, Bobbejaantjie, Sixty species of this flower of the family Iridaceae are native to South Africa.
1991 D.M. Moore Garden Earth 195Dwarf, drought-tolerant shrubs..are common. So too are plants with underground storage organs (bulbs, corms and rhizomes) such as Haemanthus, Oxalis and Babiana (named after the Afrikaans term for the baboon, bobbejaan, which digs up the corms for food).
bobbejaantjie. Also attributive.
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